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Strategy Deployment

Vision / Goals

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Reach a growth target, improve output, overcome challenges or achieve better work-life balance? I will help create clarity and define what success should look like for your business and your employees.

Strategy / Plan


Experienced and focussed support to help you develop achievable action plans and ensure a secure, profitable and stable business with satisfied, repeat customers.

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Deployment / Action

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I will provide simple, proven tools to set down your strategy and then support, mentor and coach your employees to carry the critical actions through the business into measurable results.

Organisational Development


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"A planned, systematic change in the values, norms and behaviours of company employees". This can be achieved through the creation of, and commitment to, medium and long-term training programs.


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An organisation has a unique 'personality' or mood, the beliefs and attitudes that influence the collective behaviour of its employees. To be an inspirational leader you must find time to support, encourage, motivate, praise, look at strengths and work with others. "Change your attitude and you will change your life." 


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Organisational structures and processes influence the motivation and behaviour of the workforce. Engagement is how you identify issues, put plans into action, negotiate changes and assess progress.

Operational Excellence

Strategy Deployment

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Having a well-defined Strategy and Operational Planning process will ensure strong and effective collaboration and alignment throughout your organisation.

Process Excellence


Efficient management of the value chain and support processes using the methods and tools of Lean Six Sigma, 5S Workplace Organisation, 7 Wastes, Value Stream Maps, Process Levelling, Line Balance, 8D Problem Solving, DMAIC. 

Performance Management

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Translate your goals and objectives into measurable success indicators and use balanced scorecards to ensure your teams engage and become accountable.

Financial Performance


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Organisational development leads to engaged and empowered employees. Operational excellence drives capable processes. Together they improve profit.



Lean philosophy commits you to remove waste from your processes.  It is both desirable and good practice because you  lower delivery cost and maintain quality.

IMPROVE Cashflow


A focus of lean manufacturing is to reduce the time from order to cash. Shorter lead-times, less stock, better material flow and yields, earlier invoices.