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About Us


Thirty years working within SME manufacturing across the UK.

Supply of high quality products to world class, blue-chip customers.

£1m to £50m turnover, covering start-up, multi-site operations, acquisitions, financial turnarounds and exit.

Sectors include aerospace, automotive, off highway OEM, general engineering, FMCG, food, leisure, printing, plastics, composites, re-cycling, waste and transportation. 

Batch and continuous production.

Specific expertise developing planning systems to support lean manufacturing in low volume, high variety environments.

Success maintaining process control and profits in periods of high growth.

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Open and friendly, I provide practical, hands-on support to help business owners achieve financial success and enjoy a more balanced lifestyle. 

Start with a meeting focussed on your business, without cost or obligation.

Agree goals, identify specific challenges, set down plans, timings and outcomes.

By drawing on a range of tools and techniques, to engage your people, even the most challenging circumstances can be changed calmly, quickly and smoothly. 


I am committed to, and passionate about, making a difference to SME businesses.

A wealth of skills and experience to share in business change and improvement. 

Pragmatic, down to earth approach I can help make your business work better for you personally and professionally. 

Projects will be designed to engage, empower and develop your people, to make them feel valued and to be committed to ensure changes and success are robust and sustained. 

Innovation and customer satisfaction are proven to improve with this approach. 

With grant funding available to make projects more affordable, particularly for manufacturers, a mentor is a key resource and significant opportunity that you should take advantage of!

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Grant Support and Funding Available